ProClean Electric Oven Cleaners DIP Tank, 2 X 3KW Elements

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High Quality Professional Oven Cleaners Electric Insulated DIP Tank, Safe for the Cleaner & their Customers, Lower Running Costs Compared to Gas Fired DIP Tanks.

£2,899.00 + VAT

Product Description

The ProClean DIP Tank is the choice of the Professional Oven Cleaner

Making sure you purchase the right equipment is key, this information should answer a lot of your questions, if it doesn’t, please call us.

Safe for the Oven Cleaner & their customer’s. Lower running costs compared to gas fired DIP Tanks. Average electricity charge 60 pence per hour, average charge time between 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on if there is existing heat in the tank from the previous day. The tank heat should last the average working day, on colder or longer working days the tank heat can be topped up while you are working.

The lid has 2 stainless steel gas struts & Anti-Condensation drip lip, so the lid can be opened and closed quickly, to save loss of heat.

No more risk to the general public, due to unsafe unattended gas flames.

No more waiting around your van, so there are no unattended gas flames, less idle time.

No more risks of danger to life, due to gas explosions or carbon monoxide.

Unlike plastic oven cleaning DIP Tanks that can only operate up to 80 degrees Celsius due to their plastic welded seams, the ProClean Stainless Steel DIP Tank operates at 100 degrees Celsius, which is far better suited to Bio cleaning products.

Size does matter, there are smaller cheaper tanks on the market, they are OK for small jobs, but for more complex ovens with more removable panels, and range cookers, or for room to clean gas hob stands whilst cleaning oven parts, you need a tank to complete all jobs. 90 cm single door ranges will have chrome shelves to suit, much wider than shelves in a normal 60cm oven, our tank is designed to hold these larger 90cm oven chrome shelves as well as giving capacity for larger more complex jobs.

DIP Tank Fitting Service available, please ask for details. You ideally want to be able to charge your tank with an external power connection & the tank needs to breath whilst charging, so you can keep your van locked whilst working away from your van, our fitting service gives you this. If you want to fit your own tank to your van, advice on fitting will be given.

We personally deliver your DIP Tank, so we can give any advice, especially around the fitting, Free of Charge delivery within 150 of us, over 150 miles other delivery options available.

Things to Think About!

  • We only supply Electric DIP Tanks as we believe Gas DIP Tanks are unsafe.
  • Electric DIP Tanks have a lesser carbon footprint.
  • We only supply DIP Tanks with two elements, just in case in the unlikely event that one of elements need replacing, you are kept on the road.
  • Electric DIP Tanks cost less to run compared to gas DIP Tanks. Electric tanks cost approx. 60p per hour to charge, initial charge £1.80 per day, then top up charges are completed at your customers home, in the same way as you would use a carpet cleaning machine.
  • Over time Gas will become very expensive to buy.
  • Gas DIP Tanks make van insurance very expensive, that’s if you can find insurance because you are carrying hazardous products onboard.
  • Oven Cleaning vans can and do explode, when carrying gas fuelled DIP Tanks, check Google for oven van explosions.
  • With Gas DIP Tanks, you would be leaving your van open on a customer’s drive, with an unattended lit gas burner, whilst you are cleaning inside the customer’s home.
  • The Health & Safety Executive have produced a document to cover how Gas DIP Tank Set ups should be fitted in a van, it's costly, you would still struggle to get insured, and you would still be leaving unattended gas flames whilst you work.
  • Follow this link to view the HSE document,

Electric DIP Tanks Are Easy & Safe to Use.

  • You can charge the tank via a fitted timer, so you are ready to go in the morning.
  • The tank is insulated, so it will hold enough heat for at least couple of jobs.
  • You can top up the heat whilst you are working at a customer’s property.
  • Your van is left secure whilst you are working inside.
  • No need to replace your DIP Tank solution after every clean, saving cleaning solution costs.
  • The electric tank makes the job quick, efficient, safe, insurable and professional.
  • View videos for more information, covering DIP Tank & fitment.
  • Our tanks come with 2, 3kw elements, only one element is to be used at one time, it is designed that the second element is a spare, it is totally unsafe to plug 2, 3kw elements into domestic circuitry, you would need to make sure that you are connecting the elements to different circuits, this is also very unwise if you are topping up heat at a customer’s premises.
  • For your main long-term charge before you set off, it’s advisable to use a 16amp set up, to save over heating of wires
  • Belt and braces always use an RCD whilst short term 13amp charging at your customer’s premises.   

DIP Tank Specification.

  • Precision cut and folded.
  • Precision welded.
  • 2mm double skinned stainless steel 304.
  • 20mm thick insulation, sides & Base, 10mm lid.
  • The inner tank slides out of the outer tank for easy maintenance if required.
  • Tank fill line indicator.
  • Removable perforated stainless-steel sheet, element chamber divider.
  • Hinged lid with 2 stainless steel gas struts.
  • Anti-Condensation drip lid.
  • 2 lockable lid catches.
  • Lid handle.
  • Neoprene lid seal.
  • 3 bar steam release valve.
  • Waste gate valve.
  • Removable waste pipe with flex end.
  • Dimensions W-95cm, D-74cm, H-56cm
  • Empty tank weight 60 KG.
  • Holds 70 Litres of Solution.
  • Tank supplied with 2, 3kW industrial immersion elements (Data shown below).
  • Elements wired with 1 metre length of cable with a 16amp commando connector.
  • 1m adaptor cable, 16amp commando connector one end and a 13amp plug on the other.
  • If you are using with an extension lead, you must fully unwind the extension lead before use.

Element Technical Data


  • Single or Three Phase Application
  • 2¼” BSP Heavy Duty Brass Head
  • IP55 Robust Rotatable Enclosure
  • Incoloy800 Sheath
  • Incoloy800 Thermostat Pocket
  • 40 to 120 degree Thermostat Included


  • Loading (kW):  3
  • Voltage (V): 415/240
  • Phase Connection: 1PH, 3PH
  • Length (mm/inch): 280/11
  • Element Diameter (mm): 8
  • Watts Density (W/cm2): 8.5
  • Sheath Material: incoloy800

2 reviews for ProClean Electric Oven Cleaners DIP Tank, 2 X 3KW Elements

  1. Daniel Portsmouth

    I always make sure I do heaps of research before committing to buying anything and was no different when it came to finding an electric dip tank.

    Having weighed up the various options there seemed to be one clear choice and that was Pro Clean and Dave Johnson. The biggest selling point for me was that Dave runs a successful oven cleaning business and uses his own design on a daily basis; it’s obviously going to do the job and do it well.

    Communication with Dave was very good, he’s always there to answer any questions you have and not once did I feel like he was trying to give it the hard sell; he let the product speak for itself and that in itself speaks volumes.

    The tank is really well designed and constructed and works brilliantly. I paid extra to have the tank fitted and all electrics sorted for the van, and I’m so glad I did.

    Overall I’m left in no doubt that I chose the right man and the right tank, super pleased with everything.

  2. Andrew

    I had been contemplating converting my oven cleaning van to an electric dip tank for for a while following HSE guidance on the use of lpg in vans, the tipping point finally came with the recent shortage of gas cylinders making gas unviable as a power source for my tank.

    I must admit to being a little nervous about switching to an electric tank as I had only ever used a gas tank. However it soon became clear I had no reason to worry at all. From the very first clean the Pro Clean tank has been a revelation to me and proved beyond any doubt just how good this tank is.

    For any oven cleaner considering switching to an electric tank I would say don’t hesitate, your jobs will be completed quicker due to reduced set up time, running costs will be lower, and the best bit, peace of mind because you are not carrying anything hazardous.

    The service I received from Dave Johnson has been first rate from start to finish, and his advise has been invaluable in my own installation. As a satisfied customer I have no hesitation in recommending the Pro Clean Group and their electric dip tank.

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