The Importance of Electric Dip Tanks For Oven Cleaning

At ProClean Group ALL of our vans are fitted with the highest quality safety features to protect the lives of our team and customers. This includes the installation of electric dip tanks in all of our vans. 

Other oven cleaning business may continue to choose to install gas dip tanks across their fleet of vans, but it has been recommended by the Health and Saftey Executive that this does not continue. 

Many mobile oven cleaning vans have fitted dip tanks to soak oven parts in a hot cleaning solution at the customer’s property.  This solution is generally heated either electrically or by a gas burner supplied from a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder carried inside the vehicle. This safety alert solely focuses on the use of gas-fired equipment within these vehicles.

HSE has found that many vehicles fitted with gas-fired oven cleaning equipment are not being set up and used safely, giving rise to the risk of a gas release incident such as a fire, explosion and/or asphyxiation.” HSE UK

A recent incident happened in Chelmsford where a gas fitted dip tank exploded in the street, causing distress to the customer and neighbourhood, but also physical injury to the team member. 

At ProClean Group we continue to use the technically advanced electric tanks that are more environmentally friendly and much safer for our team and our customers. 

Your health and safety is important to us. 

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